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Coast to Coast Medical Solutions has 30+ years of experience in the medical insurance and billing fields. 

We are a dedicated team of professionals working for you. We are available to answer questions, address concerns, and provide swift resolutions.

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Insurance Verification

We recognize the financial risk of insufficient insurance Benefit information.

We ask the right questions necessary for obtaining concise answers about available Behavioral Health benefits for your clients:

  • Person-to-person live call verification for highest level of accuracy.
  • Customized verification of benefits forms individualized per facility requirements.
  • We work closely with you during the verification process to identify the information you need most. Most billing companies rely solely on information obtained online.  
  • Each verification is reviewed for the highest quality. 
  • Quick turnaround times to provide efficiency for service providers. Most calls are completed within an hour during business hours.
  • The obtained information provided will assist you in making timely decisions based on possible insurance risks. 
  • Verification Specialists are available from 9AM to 8PM EST ensuring coverage for all US time zone business hours to reach as many insurance carrier benefits departments as possible. 

Utilization Management

Utilization Review Professionals experienced in Behavioral Health services.

Pre-authorization of services, concurrent planning, discharge planning, and clinical case appeals:

  • Utilization Review Professionals having a bachelor's degree and above.
  • Our Utilization Review team has developed a solid reputation as ethical and caring with Case Management departments across the country.
  • We know what information is needed and work closely with clinical staff to obtain the highest number of authorized days.
  • Clinical data collection on diagnosis, diagnostic test results, symptoms, and conditions supporting requested services. 
  • Medical record reviews determining proper documentation supporting billed services. 

Billing & Collections

The revenue cycle isn't complete until we've collected every dollar that's due to our clients.

We have a solid understanding of how to get the highest reimbursements for you by coding consistencies and practices:

  • Top-notch billing software system.
  • Forensic Billing with a line by line analysis.
  • Dedicated Collections Specialists review each claim following up with insurance providers daily ensuring highest reimbursement for you!
  • Recognize and address issues preventing future difficulties for our Facilities. 
  • Diligent in the pursuit  of resolving all aging claims.
  • We strive to call on "every client, every claim, every week."
  • Our Collections Specialists view real-time historical data for each client and their claims, promptly resolving any pricing irregularities. 
  • Aptitude in each state's insurance laws in getting denied claims paid. 

Financial Reporting

Customized reporting tailored to suit your business needs. Provided on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Access to reporting and key performance indicators individualized for each facility:

  • A/R Report (Monthly): ​Age of open claim by patient and insurance company.
  • Balance Report (Monthly): Line by line report of open claims including helpful information regarding your facility's average reimbursement based on insurance and level of care.
  • Practice Analysis (Monthly): Pie chart of services rendered.
  • Billing Report (Weekly): Weekly report of claims billed in previous week, and status of each outstanding claim. Offers total transparency to each Facility on where the money is going.   
  • Negotiations Report (Monthly & Yearly): Monthly report of case by case rate negotiations including trending data statistics based on insurance companies, 3rd party pricing companies, and MCR2 reimbursement rates.  
  • Future budgeting abilities based on trending payment status including  issued payments, when the payments were made, and to whom the payment will be dispersed: facility, patient, co-insurance, deductible. 

Developmental Collaboration

Add our expertise in revenue management to your existing team.

We educate your staff on successful procedures for your Admissions, Utilization Review, and Management Teams: 

  • We offer initial and ongoing assistance to your Admissions staff helping them understand the criteria for the client and the most appropriate level of care. 
  • Assist your Clinical team to understand the necessity and scope of proper documentation. 
  • Guidance on industry changes, such as coding, reimbursement issues, appeals, and a better understanding of the insurance process.  
  • Assistance to understand the multiple financial reports available, providing full transparency of your facility's billing and collection activities. 

Personalized Services

We offer specialized "boutique style" services designed in bolstering revenue growth.

We have the expertise and experience in providing each facility with specialized "boutique style" services uniquely designed in bolstering revenue:

  • Single Case Agreements allowing your client or patient to receive in-network benefits at an out-of-network provider; as long as appropriate or medically necessary. 
  • Appeals: we prepare, write, and execute the appeal process in generating additional revenue. 
  • Licensing, credentialing, and accreditation. 
  • Case by case rate negotiations attaining competitive rates for claims in the collection process.
  • Managed Care Contracting.